DBBalancer Manual

Daniel Varela Santoalla


Table of Contents
1. Introduction: What is DBBalancer?
A database connection pool
A load balancer
A database replicator
2. Installation: The first steps
Installation from a binary distribution
Installation from source
Getting and compiling the ACE framework
Configuring and compiling DBBalancer
3. Configuration and usage: How does it work?
The Daemon
Runtime flags
Configuration file
Daemon section
Machine sections
4. Architectures: How to use it?
A connection pool
A load balancing connection pool
Load balancing connection pool with database replication
5. Features and limitations
Connection Pool mode
Load Balancer mode
Load Balancer and Write Replicator mode
6. Implementation details: How was this done?
Postgres protocol and pooling
Connection recovery
Thread and connection load adaptability
Another databases
7. The future: Where is DBBalancer going?